Customer-Mind is a customer-focused, problem solving, knowledge-sharing company.

We are a customer strategy company.

We share expert knowledge and practical guidance about:

  • Becoming more customer-centric
  • Developing a corporate culture that’s passionate about service
  • Treating customers fairly
  • Using customer data to enhance customer relationships
  • Designing memorable customer experiences
  • Aligning the customer’s brand experience to the client’s brand promise

We share our knowledge through:

  • Consulting – We provide advice based on past success, study, and experience.  We work with you, share our thinking with you, and make recommendations taking your company culture, market demands, and industry issues into account.
  • Training – We develop and implement a variety of types of learning interventions including: executive briefing sessions; facilitated workshops; telephonic coaching; and on-line video learning.
  • Research – We design and conduct customer and employee research utilising key principles from neuromarketing concerning how sub-conscious factors influence emotions, decision-making and behaviour.