Why do customers choose one product over another, really?  What issues stir up high-energy emotions amongst your customers?  Understand the emotional hot-spots that drive customer behaviour and, more importantly, find out how to uncover them. Many organisations commission surveys in the attempt to find out what their customers want, like or expect.  They end up receiving impressive reports and analyses of the ratings and rankings of all their questions, but still have doubts as to whether they asked the right questions in the first place.  Do these results tell them what is really on their customers’ minds, or do they simply tell them the answers to the questions that they, the organisation, thought were important? Sometimes, one needs to approach customer research with a broader mindset. One needs to set an open platform and allow the customer to take centre-stage and express the scene that they would like to see.  We are not saying that this form of research is better than any other research methodology; it is simply more appropriate when the research-need is exploratory versus evaluative. Emotional-energy research allows the customer to steer the course of the conversation and with the right probing techniques, helps them to reveal what is really important to them.   Tapping into this depth of insight, organisations are far better equipped to make changes that they now know will have a significant impact on customer engagement. Customer-Mind has the necessary skills to conduct Emotional-energy research and help your organisation to uncover what your customers want, and why your customers are exhibiting certain desirable or undesirable behaviours.