Our approach

Our intention is your success, and to that end, we share our knowledge and experience with you.

This can be done as a short, sharp presentation or as a deep, detailed consulting engagement.

Our consulting approach is principle-driven not model-driven.  We do not come with a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  On the contrary, we prefer an integrative and systems-thinking approach where we first consider what you are already doing for your customers within the context of your business strategy, and how this is or is not translating into profits.

Working within your stated objectives, we identify areas of opportunity and propose projects and action plans, the implementation of which may be short or medium term, depending on the needs at hand.  Some projects may last three months, while others could take three years.

Measures of success are agreed upon and appropriate reporting is provided throughout the duration of the project. We do not ‘camp’ at your offices – we work off-site, scheduling meetings and workshops as required.

Retaining and growing your customers is not an easy task.  Yet our aim is to make it as easy and pleasurable for you as possible.

From Customer-Mind you can expect:

  • The latest customer management thinking
  • Strategic capability
  • An independent eye
  • Thorough attention to detail
  • Critical analysis
  • Implementation, not just knowledge impartation
  • Commitment to your business objectives
  • Flexibility and professionalism
  • Results orientation
  • Confidentiality

We are fully committed to our clients to ensure that your value gain is greater than the fees paid.