Our values and logo

The Customer-Mind logo is special – it has meaning.

It reflects our values.                                                                                                                     You  might notice that our logo has seven parts – they stand for our seven values.  We cherish these values and aspire to live by them every day: Optimism, Energy, Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Wisdom and Fulfilling Potential.

Our logo also depicts significant imagery.                                                                               It is a fountain, it is a spark, it is a splash, it is a spectrum of light.

  • The fountain stands for bountiful knowledge – A generous source of knowledge like fresh water gushing out of a natural spring.
  • The spark stands for vibrant inspiration – Just like the magnificence of a firework display, so are the neuron sparks in the human brain: supercharged with energy especially when inspired and creative.
  • The splash stands for being a positive impact – We exist to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives, benefitting not only their businesses but also the experience of their many customers.
  • The light stands for illuminating insight – When light passes through a prism, a spectrum of seven colours becomes visible.  The seven parts of our logo represent this quality of light, and speaks of the multi-dimensional and integrated nature of insight.