Who we are

Customer-Mind is a small management consulting firm, with excellence in customer strategy.

As a team, we have many decades of experience in the implementation of value-creating customer strategies and solutions through both large and small scale projects. Our clients have benefitted from our advice and hand-on consulting in customer experience measurement and management as well as operational excellence in business conduct.


Great people form part of the Customer-Mind team:

  • Joanna Sandiford, Management Consultant
  • Fiona McInnes, Management Consultant
  • Christo Strydom, Data Scientist and Management Consultant
  • Abrian Stemmet, Senior Developer
  • Roland Rieseberg, Senior Developer
  • Paul Moola, Senior Trainer
  • Braam Botha, POPI Lawyer
  • Desmond Collier, Copywriter


Samantha JT Burns, Managing Director

My name is Samantha and I am the founder and MD of Customer-Mind.  I’ve spent over 20 years in marketing, operations and HR, learning about the customer and leading relevant organisational change. This has culminated in Customer-Mind, which enables companies to attract, keep and grow more customers, more profitably.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with large organisations across the financial services, telecommunications, and information technology industries.  This includes holding various executive positions at Discovery, and having the privilege of working directly with Adrian Gore (Discovery CEO) for many years.

My experience includes strategic and management accountability for customer retention; customer communications; customer experience design; CRM; research; service strategy; marketing; public relations; employer brand management; treating customers fairly; group-wide service excellence; and leadership development.  This hands-on know-how is embedded into what we offer through Customer-Mind.

I graduated with degrees in Psychology and Communications from UNISA and a Masters in Business Administration from Surrey University, UK (cum laude).  My masters’ thesis entailed research and advanced studies in customer behavior and the drivers of customer loyalty.


Dr Warren Burns,  Senior Partner

Hi, I am Warren.  I have a BSc majoring in Applied Psychology and Physics from University of Witwatersrand, a PhD in Industrial Psychology and an MBA from the University of Surrey, UK, with my thesis mastering the issue of market timing funds.

People who know me would describe me as a futurist, a strategic thinker.  I have a couple of decades of experience in Trading, Banking and Asset Management, during most of which I focused on financial modelling and innovation.

I focus on customer finance – unpacking and calculating the profitability and value of each of our client’s customers.  My deep knowledge of business, finance and psychology,  put me in a unique position to start unravelling the depths of the customer mind.