Customer Innovation

Customer innovation is about creating unique value for customers, increasing the mutual value exchange.

Customer-Mind helps you to create value for customers in a way that they will create value for you.  We cannot assume that the sale of a product,  even with its competitive profit margin, necessarily creates a mutual value exchange.  The value equation is more complex than that.

Customer innovation takes into account both…

  • the experience you are wanting to create (how you want the customer  to feel when they have anything to do with you – not only how they feel about your service or products or brand, but also how you make them feel about themselves)
  • and the value you are wanting to create (how much the customer will willingly pay for the total package of dealing with you and using or consuming your products or services).

True customer innovation is not the same as product innovation.  While the skills required may be the similar and the outputs of both may well be products, the starting point and mindset is different.

Customer-Mind provides consulting, training and research in customer innovation related to four main areas:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Customer Measurement
  • Customer Value Management

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