Customer Communication

The way you communicate with your customers will reveal how much you care for your customers.  This goes to the heart of your brand and company culture.

Excellent customer service is all about communication.  Customers feel valued when you listen to them and embrace their feedback.  They positively experience your brand when you communicate with them clearly, timeously, with empathy and with awareness of their current needs, expectations, and past interactions with your organisation.

Customer communication relies not only on the skill of the individual in your company doing the talking or writing, but also on the organisational ability to track customer behaviour and unsolicited feedback in a way that constantly educates the company about the customer’s context so that communication can be tailored accordingly and thus be more effective.

Another aspect of customer communication that directly impacts your customer’s experience, is all the non-verbal communication that your company is signalling.  For example: the colours and layout of your reception area; the music your customers hear when calling your company; the manner in which they are given attention; the time they are required to wait; the quality of paper of your marketing brochure; the wording on your invoices.  All of these things communicate a message to your customers.

With substantial knowledge and experience in customer communication, Customer-Mind provides:

  • Customer communication audits to examine the effectiveness of your company’s communication, including non-verbal communication.
  • Consulting to address the roots discord in your communication efforts.
  • Review and re-writing of your company brochures, website content and other written material to meet Plain Language requirements
  • Review of and writing marketing material, newsletters and PR articles to communicate specific brand messages
  • Communication skills training for spoken and written communication
  • Corporate identity and website redesign
  • Consulting to address the processes required to effectively communicate with your customers

Would you like to find out more?

Customer-Mind is a customer-focused, problem-solving, knowledge-sharing company.  Contact us – we would be delighted to talk with you about enabling your people and organisational systems and non-verbal elements to communicate more effectively with customers than ever before.