Complaint Management

Customers complain.  This is good.

It would be better if more of those who had a complaint would voice it directly to the company concerned rather than telling everyone else.  The reputation risk of any company has escalated exponentially over the past few years as more and more customers are active on social media.

There are a few key reasons why customers are using the web to express their dissatisfaction, which we can share with you at a later stage.  You may know the saying, “A complaint is a gift”.  But that gift often remains unwrapped by people or structures in an organisation that don’t know how to handle it.

Effective complaint management not only solves the problem for the customer concerned, but proactively identifies who else could have been affected by the same problem and addressing it before they complain.

It also involves clear and fair recompense policies.  In other words, setting out a wholesome ethos to guide employees and leaders in making decisions to compensate customers for the inconvenience, time-wastage, hassle, pain or harm caused by the company’s short-coming.  This is often referred to a service recovery.

We would love to help you to get the most out of your customer complaints and reduce them going forward.  To this end, Customer-Mind provides:

  • Consulting around appropriate complaint categorisation and systems to track complaint history and corrective action
  • Consulting and training on service recovery strategies and techniques
  • Training to help employees and leaders embrace and handle complaints in such a way as to turn customers from ‘terrorists’ to ‘ambassadors’
  • Training on how to understand customer anger and listen between the lines to extract the hidden gems in each complaint
  • Consulting on complaint root cause analysis and eradication
  • Consulting on how to pre-empt complaints
  • Training for managers on complaint management
  • Complaint research to protect reputation

Would you like to find out more?

Customer-Mind is a customer-focused, problem-solving, knowledge-sharing company.  Contact us – we would be delighted to talk with you about unwrapping your complaint “gifts” and maximising their value to your company, to the benefit of your customers.