Values-based Leadership

Leaders have a significant influence on a company culture – from the words they use to the cultural norms they inspire that drive employee behaviour.  Founders of companies usually have the greatest sway in shaping culture without even trying to.

Over time, culture needs to be specifically nurtured and cultivated to achieve the company’s objectives

Having sound corporate values and evidence of them in practice, especially amongst the leadership team, is foundational to a customer service culture.

Some values are only plaques on the wall.  However, the real values are  those that are understood by everyone in the organisation – those that are demonstrated and actively communicated by the leadership team.

Customer-Mind works with you to provide:

  • Facilitated sessions and consulting to clarify your company values if they are not already explicit
  • Facilitated sessions and consulting to expand on each of your company values to unpack them into specific expected attitudes and behaviours
  • Work with your leaders to address instances of conflicting values
  • Provide training to equip leaders to manage the performance of their team against clear corporate values
  • Run sessions to inspire your leaders to be sure that they personally resonate with the company values and see the significance of their role concerning practicing and communicating those values on a daily basis.
  • Conduct research, including 360 degree values research for leaders, to evaluate the extent to which values are lived within the organisation.

Would you like to find out more?

Customer-Mind is a customer-focused, problem-solving, knowledge-sharing company.  Contact us – we would be delighted to talk with you about developing a strong values core for your leadership team.