Customer centricity is a core value, a mindset, that enables the implementation of a customer strategy.  It is the process of implementing a competitive customer strategy, designed to attract, keep and grow more customers, more profitably.

A customer strategy sets out to create unique value, using customer intelligence to tailor memorable brand experiences for specific groups of customers. Thus building a customer-centric organisation requires:

  • Customer intelligence (know your customers’ needs, expectations, problems, preferences, history, sentiments; know what trends are affecting them)
  • Customer appreciation (leadership, people, measurements, systems, and processes to increase the value for and of each customer)
  • Customer innovation (brand-aligned customer experience design and value proposition for targeted customer segments)

Customer-Mind provides consulting, training and research to pull together all the components of a profitable customer-centric strategy.


These three pillars build on your CRM systems and processes, your Voice of  the Customer initiatives, your data-mining and data analysis abilities and most importantly, your leadership and culture. Customer-Mind provides consulting, training, and research to help you pull together all the components of an effective customer-centric strategy.