Embedding TCF in the Culture

The culture of an organisation drives the behaviour of its people, which in turn determines the outcomes for its customers.  Thus, if Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is not embedded at the core, somewhere along the line, customers will experience a shortcoming in fairness.

To embed TCF into a corporate culture, it needs to be firmly rooted in the minds of your people and constantly reinforced through leadership behaviour and other drivers of culture.

Culture starts with your value system – explicit or implicit.  The ethic of being fair needs to be clearly stated in your company values or code of ethics, and demonstrated by the way leaders make decisions and take action in both daily and crisis situations.

A roll out plan for the implementation of TCF and the reinforcement of a TCF culture, requires the design of a well thought-through change management plan.

With our understanding of values, culture, organisational design, and employee engagement, Customer-Mind gives useful input into the planning of a robust change management programme specifically to embed TCF into the corporate culture.

Customer-Mind provides:

  • Consulting and facilitated sessions on establishing and reinforcing the ethic of fairness in your organisation – including specific required behaviours
  • Consulting to develop a suitable TCF implementation plan and change management programme for your company
  • Leadership briefing sessions guiding managers at all levels on specific actions required of them to embed TCF into the culture of their teams
  • Briefing sessions to HR, Internal Marketing and Communications, Learning and Development and Intranet Developers concerning their role in reinforcing a TCF culture

Would you like to find out more?

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