Choose us because….

  1. We know our stuff.   Decades of experience and never-ending study in customer intelligence; customer retention and growth; customer and employee engagement; TCF implementation and measurement;  organisational culture, leadership and corporate values; as well as customer experience design, equip us to help you.     We know how to help companies create greater value for and through their customers.
  2. We engross ourselves with your stuff.   We obsess over that which is important to you.  We think about our clients far more than they realise.  We think macro – we know how to take a high-level view and see how the parts fit together or should fit together.  And we think micro – we pay attention to the thousands of tiny details knowing that detail is critical when it comes to business effectiveness.  We think thoroughly and integratively.  We’re paid to think about the things you might miss, or not have the time to focus on.
  3. We have corporate blood.  Having worked in senior management positions in corporates for so many years, it is in our blood.  We are not just consultants, trainers or systems developers.  We know how corporates tick, we understand the pressures, multiple priorities, targets and politics.  We understand corporate culture and what drives people in it.
  4. We love what we do. We love working with great people – our clients and our associates.  We love making a positive difference in our client’s business that makes a significant positive difference in the lives of their customers.  Customers fascinate us.  So does business success.  We love living our values: optimism, energy, integrity, excellence, courage, wisdom and fulfilled potential.  We love life.

We’d love it if you thought about it carefully, and chose us.  And by the way, our fees are very fair.