When the outside image matches the real customer experience, the brand has integrity. When the brand delivery aligns with the brand promise, we have brand alignment.

Every day your customers are touching your organisation one way or another and experiencing either consonance or dissonance with your brand promise. Is their experience ringing true to the expectations your marketing stirred in them, or do they walk away with a subtle – or not so subtle – sense of being duped?

Customer-Mind helps you to ensure that your brand delivery is fully aligned to your brand promise. To achieve this we provide consulting, training and research.

Brand alignment requires an integrated view and orchestrated management of your brand essence, your customer communications, your company values, your culture, your service standards, your customer and HR processes and systems, your metrics, your setting and your products.

Customer-Mind provides:

  • Research to measure the level of brand alignment within your company
  • Facilitated sessions with your leadership team and strategic consulting to address the processes required to align your brand delivery to your brand promise
  • Training to inspire your employees to grasp what your brand stands for and how their role impacts on the way customers experience it
  • Consulting to guide both internal and external Marketing teams to understand how your brand is being communicated to and perceived by customers

Would you like to find out more?

Customer-Mind is a customer-focused, problem-solving, knowledge-sharing company. Contact us – we would be delighted to talk with you about aligning your internal operations with your external branding efforts.