Coaching for Executives responsible for Customers

Have you recently been charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing any of the following strategies for your organisation?

  • Customer strategy
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer service strategy
  • Customer retention strategy
  • Brand alignment strategy
  • Customer communication strategy
  • Customer growth strategy
  • Voice of the Customer strategy

Receive executive structured coaching in this regard, to benefit you, your company and your customers.

Perhaps your company is grooming you or someone else to take up the role of:

  • Chief Customer Officer, or
  • Customer Experience Executive, or
  • Customer Strategy Executive, or
  • A similar role

Samantha Burns, MD of Customer-Mind, provides private coaching sessions on a retainer basis for a discrete group of clients. This coaching addresses day-to-day customer-related challenges, strategies, problems and opportunities.

The objective of the coaching is to enable the incumbent to learn and apply a new level of understanding of customer behaviour in their unique business setting, meeting a set of predetermined goals and company targets in the process.

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