How do you know you are treating customers fairly?  Do you know how well you are progressing in your efforts to ensure customers are treated fairly?

One of the most important elements required to effectively drive the implementation of Treating Customers Fairly in your organisation, is the development and monitoring of well-designed management information.

This is not easy to do. Useful TCF management information needs to provide leaders are various levels in the organisation with sound evidence that your customers are experiencing fair outcomes, or at least that the risks of unfair outcomes have been adequately mitigated.

Establishing effective TCF management information requires that you examine and identify measures or indicators for all six of the TCF outcomes within the six customer-touching business functions, namely:

  • Product research and development
  • Marketing
  • Sales and advice
  • Customer communication
  • Service and administration
  • Complaint management


Customer-Mind provides:

  • Consulting and facilitated sessions to identify suitable measures and indicators for your TCF management information
  • Briefing sessions for leaders concerning their on-going role contributing to, analysing and challenging TCF management information reports
  • Independent review and critique on your monthly TCF management information reports on a retainer basis
  • Consulting and workshops to assist leaders in the process of publishing and interrogating their TCF management information reports
  • Tailor-made research amongst customers, distributors or employees which is necessary input to TCF management information reports
  • Consulting to modify existing studies conducted by other research houses with whom you might already have a relationship, to ensure that they effectively incorporate TCF.

Would you like to find out more?

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